Posted October 11, 2018 10:01:01 College students who are in college right now should read a lot of books.

This is not an easy task.

But, if you are one of those college students, you might be interested in the best college textbooks.

Here are some recommendations for the best textbooks for college students.1.

The College Level Introduction to Physics 3.

Physics for Beginners 5.

Introduction to Chemistry 7.

Introduction of Computer Science 8.

Introduction the Physics of Gravity 10.

Introduction Physics of Solid Mechanics 12.

Introduction The Physics of Thermodynamics 14.

Physics of Gravitation 15.

Introduction General Physics 16.

Physics Basics 17.

Introduction Quantum Mechanics 18.

Introduction Physical Chemistry 19.

Introduction Chemical Physics 20.

Introduction Electron-Positron Fusion and Relativity21.

Physics in a Nutshell22.

Physics by the Numbers24.

Physics and Technology25.

Physics 101: The Math of Science26.

Physics 102: The Physics 101 and the Physics 101 Special Edition27.

Physics 103: The Physical Sciences in Physics28.

Physics 105: The Basics of Physics for Physics majors29.

Physics 106: The First Principles of Physics 30.

Physics 107: The Fundamental Physics of Matter31.

Physics 108: The Standard Model: How it works and why it matters32.

Physics 109: The Big Bang and the Early Universe33.

Physics 110: The Universe we live in34.

Physics 111: The Large Hadron Collider35.

Physics 112: The Supernova, M87 and the Higgs field36.

Physics 113: The Hidden Universe37.

Physics 114: The Dark Energy and Dark Matter38.

Physics 115: The Planck’s Big Bang39.

Physics 116: The Hubble Space Telescope40.

Physics 117: The Cosmic Microwave Background41.

Physics 118: The Higgs Field42.

Physics 119: The Structure of Matter43.

Physics 120: The Fermi Paradox44.

Physics 121: The Weak Force45.

Physics 122: The Cosmological Constant46.

Physics 123: The Uncertainty Principle47.

Physics 124: The Theory of Relativity48.

Physics 125: The Strong Nuclear Force49.

Physics 126: The Gamma-Ray Burst50.

Physics 127: The Kuiper Belt51.

Physics 128: The Extragalactic Universe52.

Physics 129: The Black Hole53.

Physics 130: The W and the X54.

Physics 131: The Gravitational Wave55.

Physics 132: The CERN Collaboration56.

Physics 133: The Double Negative57.

Physics 134: The Giant Black Hole58.

Physics 135: The Great Red Spot59.

Physics 136: The Crab Nebula60.

Physics 137: The Orion Nebula61.

Physics 138: The Milky Way62.

Physics 139: The Andromeda Galaxy63.

Physics 140: The Perseus Cluster64.

Physics 141: The Red Planet65.

Physics 142: The Sun66.

Physics 143: The Virgo Cluster67.

Physics 144: The Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy68.

Physics 145: The Oort Cloud69.

Physics 146: The Neptune System70.

Physics 147: The Pluto System71.

Physics 148: The Spitzer Space Telescope72.

Physics 149: The Very Large Telescope73.

Physics 150: The Alpha Centauri System74.

Physics 151: The LHS II Survey Telescope75.

Physics 152: The Kepler Space Telescope76.

Physics 153: The Search for Extragalais77.

Physics 154: The SDSS Survey Telescope78.

Physics 155: The Murchison Telescope79.

Physics 156: The Magellan Telescope80.

Physics 157: The Herschel Space Observatory81.

Physics 158: The Webb Space Telescope82.

Physics 159: The Subaru Telescope83.

Physics 160: The Chandra X-ray Observatory84.

Physics 161: The Dyson Sphere85.

Physics 162: The Leonid Meteorite86.

Physics 163: The Enceladus Ocean87.

Physics 164: The Cassini Saturnian Orbiter88.

Physics 165: The Voyager 1 mission89.

Physics 166: The Mercury Probe90.

Physics 167: The Viking Orbiter spacecraft91.

Physics 168: The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter92.

Physics 169: The ESA Rosetta mission93.

Physics 170: The Europa Clipper94.

Physics 171: The Rosetta Pathfinder mission95.

Physics 172: The Deep Space Climate Observatory96.

Physics 173: The NASA Mars Pathfinder mission97.

Physics 174: The Jovian Moons Explorer 98.

Physics 175: The James Webb Space Technology mission 99.

Physics 176: The European Space Agency’s Mars Express mission 100.

Physics 177: The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s MIRO mission101.

Physics 178: The SpaceX Falcon Heavy mission102.

Physics 179: The Orbital Sciences Commercial Crew capsule103.

Physics 180: The New Horizons mission104.

Physics 181: The Boeing X-37B mission105.

Physics 182: The Blue Origin Blue Origin rocket106.

Physics 183: The Antares rocket107.

Physics 184: The