It’s a question many of us are grappling with right now.

The latest headlines are the latest bookstores in the United States and Canada are going free, and the trend is growing.

Many colleges are already doing this, but the trend of free books seems to be spreading fast, according to a recent report from bookstores.

Many students and students from low-income families are taking advantage of the opportunity, but some students are worried about whether the free books will be available for them.

They want to know how long this will last.

But if you have been reading our free book guides for years, you may already know that college books are free.

You just may not know that this means that there are some bookstores that are charging for them, and it could mean that you’ll be paying more for those books in the future.

We spoke to experts to learn more about the situation and find out how free books are changing the book market in the U.S. and Canada.