Cheap textbooks are not only available on the internet, they are also readily available at schools, which is why they are frequently considered one of the best textbooks for beginners.

However, there are some books that are completely free and offer a very deep understanding of the fundamentals of economics.

Here are 10 cheap textbooks that can help you with your learning.1.

Economics 101: How to Read the Rules of the Game: A primer on the basic concepts of economics and its use in real life.

A must-read for anyone who wants to understand how economics works.2.

The Economics of Supply and Demand: An introduction to supply and demand theory and how it relates to real world markets.3.

Why I Want to be a Computer Scientist: A very practical introduction to the fundamental concepts of computer science and computer programming.4.

The Basics of Finance: A guide to financial theory and basic concepts.5.

How to Learn and Understand Economics: A simple, but useful, introduction to economics, with lots of examples.6.

The Art of Money: A series of short videos, all about the art of money.7.

The Rules of Economic Growth: A beginner’s guide to understanding the fundamental principles of economics, including the concept of marginal efficiency.8.

What is Money?: A fun and easy guide to the basics of money, including money itself.9.

The History of Economics: The history of economics from ancient Greece to modern times.10.

The Game of Life: A classic introduction to game theory.