UCLA textbooks are the latest to offer students social studies explanations, but the publisher says it will also offer students the opportunity to engage with its content.UCLA has been working with publishers to ensure that all students will have access to its social studies content, said Lauren R. Littman, president of UCL.

The UCL team also will have a “social studies-focused teacher team” who will help students learn more about the social studies material and will also answer questions about social studies.

The UCLs “social education team” will also focus on teaching students about the content and the role of the social sciences in UCL’s mission, Littmann said.

Students who have not been exposed to the content will also be able to use the interactive toolkit that the publisher created for its students to learn about the topics and the social study content, Lottman said.UCLA also is developing a new “social justice” curriculum that will focus on gender equality, the need for social justice in our society, Littellman said, adding that UCL plans to release it by the end of the year.

The content for the new social studies curriculum will be different than the current curriculum, which is based on topics that are related to racial, gender and ethnic diversity.

LitteLLs program director, Emily Puckett, said she hopes that by making the curriculum accessible to all students, UCL can expand its social science curriculum to include more of its students.