An article that was originally published on September 13, 2018, has gone viral.

It’s a post written by an anonymous person in China who claims to be a college student and has access to hundreds of textbooks.

In the article, the author writes that he’s been studying Chinese for the past 12 years, and he has to spend most of his time at home studying Chinese.

In his article, he states that he loves the “schools” of China, but that he has no interest in going to college.

He also claims to have a lot of experience studying Chinese language and literature, and that he is very much in love with China, so he decided to share this article with the world.

The author, who goes by the name ‘Liu Xinyi’, tells the reader that he spent a month writing this article.

Liu claims that he bought a school textbook in the U.S. in the past, and the school had just recently changed its name to “College Preparation Institute” (CPI), which was also the name of the former “Chinese University”.

Liu explains that he wanted to share the story of his experience with Chinese language, and Chinese literature, in order to help educate students about the world around them.

Liu also explains that the name “Chinese College Preparation” was a reference to the fact that Chinese universities, as well as Chinese-language schools in China, are not officially affiliated to a state.

Liu wrote the article on the Chinese language forum on NeoGAF.

He was able to publish it on September 12, 2018.

On the same day, a second, more authentic version of the article was published by an official Sina Weibo account.

It was written by a college graduate, who claims that she is an employee of a “China University”, and that she’s been working as a translator for some time.

Liu explains the background of the story: I’ve been studying and studying Chinese since I was eight years old.

At the beginning of the year, I bought a book from a U.K. university and it was supposed to be released in 2018, but I never got the book.

When I first bought it, I had no idea about Chinese.

I did a little research online and discovered that Chinese-Language Schools in China were now not officially part of the Communist Party, and therefore could not have been officially registered.

When the government changed the name to the “Chinese university” in 2016, it meant that the schools were no longer officially affiliated with the Party, so I was shocked.

When my university was registered, I was even more shocked because the “College” name had already been taken away from the university.

The “College preparatory” is not officially an “official university” yet, and so they still had the name, “College”.

As a result, I am not allowed to speak Chinese on campus.

When someone from China University contacted me, they were very friendly and said that I should not complain to the Chinese government because the government does not take into consideration the feelings of the majority in China.

They were very kind, and said they would help me find an official school for me.

So, when the government released the textbooks, I thought it was a good idea to write a book about the country and about my own experiences.

I didn’t know what the reaction would be.

After writing a book, I went to a Chinese-speaking bookstore in China and bought textbooks for all of the students, but didn’t expect it to be as good as I had imagined.

In my own experience, there are a lot more “official” Chinese universities in China than there are officially recognized “Chinese” universities.

The book has been translated into Chinese, but the author claims that the Chinese version is much better than the English version.

As the author explained in an interview with the South China Morning Post, the official name of Chinese universities is “College and University Preparation Institutions”.

As it turns out, Liu’s college education started at the University of Guizhou.

In Chinese, the word “guizhou” can mean the Chinese province of Guiyang, and in English, it can mean anywhere in the world from the U to the U+1.

The University of Guangzhou is the name given to the school.

Liu has no connection with any of the institutions that are registered with the government.

Liu is just sharing his own experience of being a college textbook student.

Liu’s book is a fictionalized account, so the author is claiming that he did not write the book for the sake of fame, but to make fun of the Chinese media.

However, he does not seem to realize that it would be so funny to mock the Chinese press, especially in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks.

The Chinese government is not interested in the stories that Liu has to share with the public, and even though he may be an outsider, he is still considered a “public figure” by the Chinese Communist Party. He is