The bookseller of Indian origin, Flipkart, has been awarded the “Best Bookstore in the World” award by the International Publishers Association, the publication of the prestigious group of global publishers.

The association said it was proud to have recognized the bookseller as the top online retailer in the world.

It said the award will be presented to Flipkarts India in May, while its “best bookshop” award will go to a local publisher.

Flipkart was founded by former Flipkarnas founder Sachin Bansal and launched in May 2016.

Its products range from books to clothing, gadgets and games to educational software and other services.

It has over 2.6 million customers in India.

According to the association, Flips latest book was the best-selling book of 2017, surpassing the first book by the German publisher Wiesbaden, which was published in 2017.

“Flipks bookstore has been consistently recognized as one of the best in the country.

The best-seller list reflects this and is a testament to the tremendous effort put into the design and design-to-life of the Flipkarty platform,” said Ipma Sood, the head of the association.

In a recent interview, Bansal said Flipkarma has grown from a humble startup to a global player with more than 100 million customers worldwide.

He said the success of Flipkarta was based on the passion of its customers.

“I think that a lot of the books that are on Flipkarten have been written by our customers, and so they really get the feeling of being a part of our community,” he said.

FlipkArt is India’s second-biggest online bookseller after Amazon.

It’s also the biggest online retailer of textbooks and other academic content.