Japan’s top textbook publisher has revised its Japanese textbook to reflect the country’s rapid progress in developing AI.

In a statement, Tokyo University Press said it revised its textbooks in response to Japan’s “increasing understanding of the potential of AI and AI-based technologies to deliver real value.”

According to the publisher, AI has the potential to “improve our students’ learning experiences, thereby generating more employment opportunities and strengthening the countrys competitiveness.”

Its goal, said the publisher in the statement, is to “deliver high-quality, practical, accurate, and relevant educational content, that provides the necessary tools for Japanese students to learn and understand the world around them.”

The publisher has been struggling to find a way to adapt its textbooks to AI.

Last year, it revised two editions of its popular History of Japan textbook to include an AI section that could replace human history texts.

The revised edition, however, did not include an “AI section.”

In February, the publisher also published a revised version of the textbook for a second time.

The new version of The History of Modern Japan will feature a “special section” that features “a special treatment of AI,” according to a statement from the publisher.

“We hope that our efforts to bring in AI-enabled content will be rewarded by a positive and timely response to our requests,” the publisher said in the latest statement.

For the past three years, Japan has been on a trajectory to become the world’s largest producer of textbooks, according to Bloomberg.