Amazons textbook buybacks, which are widely used by educators and students, have been criticized for being too generous and allowing publishers to exploit students for a profit.

The website for the publisher of the popular Human Sexuality textbook, the publisher, WND Books, was hacked in April and some of the contents of the book were leaked online, including an essay about rape and how the word “rape” is not defined in the dictionary.

The website also contains links to other online resources.

The content of the books are currently not available online, but some of them were shared by students on social media sites and have since been removed from the site.

The WND Book Buyback website currently includes a list of books that are currently available for sale.

The books are listed as “open availability” or “open source,” but those terms are not always accurate.

The publisher, which has published more than 2 million books, has not yet posted the titles of the currently available titles.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the recent hack.

Many people were surprised by the news of the WND book buyback.

Many people have criticized the practice of book buybacks in the past, and have said that such practices could lead to more abuse of students in the future.

The WND books, for example, have a history of having content that is inappropriate for schools.

In a post on its blog, WNDE, the publishers’ public relations company, said that its goal was to help students “make better choices in the marketplace.”

The company said that the publisher had no control over the content of its books and that the publishers had nothing to do with the content on the site or the contents on its books.

WNDe said the publisher has received more than 7,000 emails from parents and students expressing their concerns about the WNBook Buyback site.

Some students have even been tweeting to their parents that they were taking part in the book buy-back because of the content that was available online.