Fox Sports has released a new history textbook for its readers that gives a clear explanation of the key events of the past.

The new edition of the History of the United States, by James Dyson, has an updated edition of its classic The Founding Fathers, with a new introduction that explains the Constitution.

It also includes a more in-depth explanation of how the United State came to be, and why it became a superpower.

“In The Founding Generations, we take you on an engaging journey through the history of our country’s founding,” Dyson said in a statement.

“The United States of America has always been an exceptional place where people from every corner of the globe have come together to create a nation of freedom, democracy and freedom of the press.

This book is a great way to continue that journey by looking at the past and understanding how our founding ideals came to shape our country and its future.”

The book is available now, but is expected to be available for purchase at the end of March.