The best way to learn about German history and geography is to read it in a textbook, according to a new book.

In an effort to teach the new generations of students to read German, a company is offering students a free digital edition of a German text that will be released to the public on Tuesday.

The German Textbook for the World class is designed to provide a starting point for a new generation of German learners.

The book will be distributed by a company called Diverse Learning, which specializes in offering free online courses.

The company has about 200 German textbooks and an online tool for students to access them.

For the first time, the company is making its first German textbook available for free online.

The program will be available for anyone in the United States who wants to learn the language.

The book is the culmination of a year-long collaboration between Diverse learning and the American Institute of German Education.

The Diverse learners are primarily from the Chicago area, said Erin Smith, who oversees the program.

The goal is to create a tool that allows students to learn a German language that has historically been difficult to learn and has been largely ignored by students in this country, Smith said.

It’s a way for students, especially younger ones, to be exposed to the language in a safe environment that can help them in a world that’s still largely unfamiliar with German.

“The new digital edition will be accessible to anyone who has a computer and an internet connection.

It will be free, but it will cost about $60 to get the book.

The content is different than the online version, but the main goal is the same, Smith added.

The new edition is designed for students of all ages, she said.

The digital edition is expected to sell well, Smith estimated, given the size of the book and the fact that it will be printed on hardcover.

The print version will be made available for purchase by anyone who purchases the print version, Smith told ABC News.

The company hopes to launch a new edition of the text in the future, Smith noted.

The materials are all from a German teacher’s own work, so the students are learning the language with their own hands, Smith explained.

But there are also some texts that have been translated into other languages.”

The materials will be used in different ways for different students,” Smith said, adding that there will be lessons on German history, geography, and politics.

There is a new version of the textbook for each grade level, Smith indicated.

There are also new lessons for teachers to use the material for.