The term “openstax” is a loaded one.

Its been around since 2013, when an open source version of the company’s free software called OpenStax first hit shelves, but it’s quickly evolved into a buzzword that is widely used to describe a range of digital textbooks, which are typically written in open source code.

Now, openstix is making a splash with a free online textbook that’s going to make your next book presentation seem like a breeze.

The book is titled “Monster Textbooks,” and the first of its kind.

Openstax says it has the most popular and popular content among openstox’s free textbooks.

For instance, it’s written in JavaScript and can run on desktop, Android, and iOS devices.

It also has an emphasis on online learning, with more than 10,000 pages devoted to the topics covered in Monster Textbooks.

There are other online textbooks in Monster Books’ catalogue too, including “Introduction to Artificial Intelligence,” “The Basics of Programming,” and “Python.”

The publisher says it plans to launch more titles in the future, with Monster Books aiming to offer a range more relevant to the world of digital content creation.

OpenStix’s website lists Monster Books as one of its main sources of content for openstexas educational platform.

“Monster Books offers a wide selection of free online courses for the modern user, ranging from basic information on computer programming to advanced topics in computer science,” OpenStox says.

“The online learning platform provides students with tools to quickly explore, experiment, and improve their knowledge of the topics they are interested in.”

OpenStux also has a Facebook page and a Twitter account, where the publisher encourages users to share their Monster Books experiences.

Monster Books is also currently offering a free ebook version of Monster Textbook for free to students in Australia.

The company also said it would be open to sharing its own Monster Books titles with other publishers.

“It is an open process for Monster Books to make changes to Monster Text books and provide updates on the availability of Monster Books textbooks,” Open Stox said.