A new digital edition of Macmillon’s textbook series, Physical Science, is coming to schools across the country this fall, and we have the best recommendations to help you get the best one-click, print-and-play PDF copy for your classroom.

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Macmillin’s Digital Physics & Astronomy eBook Review app (Macmillan)This Macmillion physics and astronomy textbook review app features reviews of every book in the series, with the ability to search for books by topics and keyword, and choose to view them on a variety of devices.

The app includes reviews of: 2:10.

The New Physics, 2:11.

Physics and Astronomy, 2, 2.1: Introduction to Mechanics, 2a: Introduction, 2b: Theory, 2c: General Theory, 3:10: The Mechanics of Matter, 3a: General Mechanics, 3b: The Fundamental Forces, 3c: Electromagnetism, 3d: Electron and Particle Physics, 3e: Quantum Mechanics, 4:10, 4.1a: Electrodynamics, 4a: The Theory of Gravity, 4b: Fundamental Properties, 4c: Properties of Matter and Space, 4d: Relativity, 4e: Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and Relativity of Mass, 4f: General Relativity Theory, 4g: General Field Theory, 5:10; 5:11: General Dynamics, 5a: Newton’s Laws of Motion, 5b: Quantum Theory of Motion and Force, 5c: Theories of Light and Energy, 5d: The Cosmic Microwave Background, 5e: Dark Energy, 6:10b, 6.1c: Einstein and His Theory of General Relation, 6a: Relativistic General Relativities, 6b: General Electromagnetic Forces, 6c: Measurement of Electromagnets, 6d: Measurements of General Electrons, 6e: Electrons and Photons, 6f: Photons and Photon Fields, 6g: Measure of Gravitational Waves, 6h: Electrowaves, 7:10a, 7.1b: Einstein Equations, 7a: Special Relativity Concepts, 7b: Gravitational Forces, 7c: Time and Space Dimensions, 7d: Einstein-Podolsky Equations and Gravitational Laws, 7e: Lorentz-Universität, 7f: Lorenz-Kant equation and Einstein-Rosen equation, 8:10c, 8.1d: General Quantum Theory, 8a: Quantum theory and wave functions, 8b: Waves and wave fields, 8c: Relating the quantum field theory to wave functions and wave properties, 8d: Wave mechanics and wave propagation, 8e: Special relativity and wave mechanics, 9:10d, 9.1e: Relation of wave theory to quantum mechanics, 10:10e, 10.1f: Wave theory and quantum theory, 11:10g, 11.1h: Quantum wave function theory, 12:10i, 12.1j: General wave function and quantum wave functions.