The book review industry has become so pervasive that it is no longer the realm of the well-read and the educated, it is the realm where everyone can get a cheap opinion.

That is what the online platform and a host of others are trying to change.

TheScore is the world’s largest bookseller of high-quality reviews.

It also has some serious competition in the high-stakes game of buying and selling books.

And in an era of fast-moving technology, the stakes are high for TheScore as it tries to make a name for itself in the world of books.

A company called, which specializes in book reviews, recently partnered with TheScore to launch a service called AScore Book Search, a way for anyone to buy books for review.

The site is free to use and offers thousands of high quality reviews of the books on sale.

But what happens when the reviewer doesn’t like the book or doesn’t even like to read it?

You might want to get rid of him or her.

The website lets you make your opinion known to the reviewer so that he or she can delete it.

This is the first time the site has allowed its users to sell reviews.

“We have an opportunity to bring a new type of book to the marketplace,” said Rob Gelfond, chief marketing officer for The Score.

The score says the service will be available in New York, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Los Angeles and Dallas by the end of next week.

Gelfonds and his team hope that the review can attract people who are interested in reading books for the first and only time.

“This is a great opportunity for us to bring more book reviewers to the table,” he said.

The first time anyone is able to sell their opinion is when they buy the book and read it for the very first time, said Gelfonding.

“Theres a real rush and excitement to read a book and see what it says about the author, the world or their own life.”

TheScore says the reviews will come in four formats.

“All of our book reviews are created by the author,” Gelfoss said.

“You can choose any of the three main types of reviews, but you can also create reviews that are more of an opinion, that is written by a friend of yours.

You can have a quick one-off review, and then you can take it on a tour of your own life and how you are feeling about the book.”

The reviews will be delivered through TheScore’s online platform and will appear in the marketplace.

“Our goal is to get people talking about books in a positive way,” Gefond said.

You won’t be able to buy reviews through The Score’s website or through the service, though.

The reviews that people will see will be created by its team of book reviewers, and the company says they will be posted in real time on TheScore, where they can be viewed and purchased.

Gefoss says the company has already received some great feedback.

“Ive had some really great responses,” he told ABC News.

“They have been really helpful in letting us know that people are excited about the idea of this, and were really excited about it.”

A book review site is a good way to get more people to buy and read books.

It may be tempting to get a book reviewed, and a review is a big deal.

But it is also possible that the reviewer could be an asshole who will write a bad review and give the book away for free to someone else.

But Gelfong said it would be better to give the reviewer free reign.

“It is just an opportunity for people to share their opinions about books, not just to buy a book, but to read books,” he explained.

“So people should be able make an informed choice on this.”

A review isn’t just a review.

It’s a discussion about the writer’s ideas, Gelfondo said.

And if people want to read about a book that theyve read, they will have a chance to do so.

“That is really important,” Galfond said of the book review.

“When you are a critic, you are not just an objective person.

You are a human being with an opinion.”

The best way to make people like your book, he said, is to be as candid and honest with your opinions.