Amazon has announced plans to buy back books purchased by its customers who are unable to pay.

The company is making the announcement as part of a $15 billion buyback program it announced in August.

The announcement comes just days after the New York Times reported that Amazon’s Book Buyback Program is forcing millions of people to cancel their Amazon orders.

Amazon’s books will be sold back to the same retailers they were purchased at.

However, if Amazon chooses to sell the books at a lower price, they’ll still be eligible for the buyback. 

Here’s what you need to know about the buybacks: 1.

Amazon is making it easier for customers to cancel books that they can’t afford to pay for. 

 If a customer cannot pay for a book, they can simply cancel the order and pay the full price with the Amazon Store.

Amazon will then credit the customer for the difference. 

This is in addition to the $25 gift card, which will be given out by Amazon. 


Amazon says it will also buy back non-book titles as part to its buyback campaign. 

Amazon will continue to buybacks from non-Amazon publishers and authors.

The retailer will also be buying back books from publishers who have partnered with Amazon, but with Amazon as the retailer. 


The first 500 books Amazon buys back from a publisher will be free. 

The company will offer up to 50% off a book in the first 500 purchases. 


Amazon has also decided to offer the first 100 books to people who pay for their books online. 


Amazon plans to donate the books to charity, too. 


In total, Amazon will donate $4.9 billion worth of books to its charity partners, Amazon said in a statement. 


Amazon said it would sell back books that can be used on its website. 


It’s the latest example of Amazon’s willingness to take action against publishers who don’t pay up for their content.

In March, the retailer said it will offer publishers 30% off books they publish in the Kindle Store. 


A handful of companies have joined Amazon in the book buyback initiative. 


Amazon bought back books for a fraction of what it was originally asking for.

Last year, it bought back over 1 million books at an estimated cost of $5.2 billion.