By BHUANANATHUDA, ANITOFFICHE NEWS EditorA bookseller has taken to social media in an attempt to get the attention of publishers to buy her books.

In a post on Instagram, Srinivas Rao posted photos of his books with the caption, “I have purchased your book from me for 50% off price.

Now you can sell it at full price.”

The post was shared over 100,000 times.

The post has since been deleted.

However, the posts original owner, Aamir Bhushan, has not forgotten about the post.

He has made a follow-up post on Facebook with a screenshot of the original post.

He wrote, “Dear @bookssellers,I am not your friend.

But I am glad to offer you a chance to buy my books at full-price for 50%.

The price is 50% less than the book’s price.

So if you want, we can also give you discount on the price of your book, which is the only way I can afford it.

I am not a big fan of @books_sellers and am happy to see that I can get you some booksells.”

He added, “Please accept this offer, and if you buy my book, I will sell it to you at the price you agreed on.

So please take a look at my post.”

The posts original owners post was removed by Facebook.

However a post by Bhushans friends on Facebook shows the original owner of the post has taken the post down.

The posts post has not gone unnoticed by the bookseller industry.

He is now taking legal action against the publisher for defamation.

“The publisher is guilty of creating a false impression and has been harassing me for more than a year.

They have made false claims that I was making false offers for their books,” he said.

Aamir is also a part of the group bookseller forum, booksellors who have complained to the publishers for the same.

He said, “It is a fact that books are the biggest source of revenue for the publishers.

They are doing nothing to help their customers but they are creating an illusion that I am making false and unethical offers.

We have started a petition against the publishers.”

He said, if the publisher were not going to listen to us, we would not bother with them.

“They should not be selling books on the streets.

If they are, they should also make some effort to improve their books.”