Time title The German textbook taught that God created man in an image of Mary article The German school of religion teaches that Jesus was born of a virgin, and a woman named Mary is his mother.

It was first taught in 1510.

The text, which has since been superseded, is often referred to as the Geburtstag.

The teaching of the Gedanken aus dem Geschichte der Wissenschaft, or German Bible, is now being challenged in the courts.

German media report that a German court has recently approved the textbook. 

According to German media reports, the court ruled that the Gedoemusierung von Gedoertz- und Gedoereiheiten (Gedoert’s Bible), a German textbook of theology, cannot be considered to be in violation of German law. 

“It’s a textbook that should be taught and published,” German Justice Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich told the newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ). 

The German Supreme Court ruled in September that the teaching of Genesis 1:1-28 as a historical text does not violate German law, which stipulates that a textbook is considered to exist only for educational purposes. 

However, the Gedaerts Bible was not included in the final version of the German Bible as it was not produced in a state of good repair, according to the ruling. 

The Gedoerung von Gotteschichts- und Gotteschaft (GOD Bible) was first published in 1513. 

Gedoerts Bible was the last book to be edited in the German language.

The German bible is the official translation of the Bible of the Catholic Church and the official Bible of Christianity in the United States. 

In 2016, a German judge found that the text of Genesis 2:1 and 5:1 of the Hebrew Bible violated German law and ordered the publishers of the textbook to remove the verses from the German bible. 

A similar court ruling was issued last year by the same judge in a case involving the Bible published in Austria. 

(Photo: Getty Images) Geburtss Bible was initially published in German in 1511, but it was changed into English in 1601.

It has since become the official English Bible of Germany. 

During the Middle Ages, the German-speaking world adopted the teachings of Protestantism as part of the Church’s crusade to defend Christianity against Muslim invaders. 

While the German church officially banned Protestantism in the 17th century, the doctrine remained in practice for centuries. 

On Saturday, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments in a lawsuit filed by the United Methodist Church against the Bible publishers. 

Pete LaRose is a freelance writer and researcher in Virginia.