How to Read Italian on a Tablet

article Italian is one of the world’s most popular languages, and it has been used as a writing tool for millennia.But while there are hundreds of dictionaries that teach it, most students still only know the basics, and there is a long road ahead for anyone who wants to master the language.Here are some of […]

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How to Sell Books Online for Amazon Book Buybacks

Amazons textbook buybacks, which are widely used by educators and students, have been criticized for being too generous and allowing publishers to exploit students for a profit.The website for the publisher of the popular Human Sexuality textbook, the publisher, WND Books, was hacked in April and some of the contents of the book were leaked […]

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Why is Genki textbook ‘too big’ for Japan’s children?

Japan’s education ministry is reportedly considering imposing hefty textbook prices to combat a shortage of textbooks in classrooms.The ministry’s textbook pricing plan has been proposed by the Education, Culture, Sports and Tourism Committee.The plan was first reported by the Kyodo News on Thursday.The committee is headed by Culture Minister Yoko Shimomura and includes representatives from […]

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How to get the most out of your free online textbooks

The term “openstax” is a loaded one.Its been around since 2013, when an open source version of the company’s free software called OpenStax first hit shelves, but it’s quickly evolved into a buzzword that is widely used to describe a range of digital textbooks, which are typically written in open source code.Now, openstix is making […]

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How to learn astronomy with textbooks

The Science of Sports and Fitness is the second of four books on sports science by Dr. Michael J. St. Pierre, a professor of physical activity and sport at the University of Wisconsin, Madison.The Science of Sport is a concise and accessible guide to the science of sport, covering a wide range of topics, including […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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