Amazon has revamped its online store and announced it’s overhauling its free ebook program to offer more ways to get books for free.

The company is overhauling the program in a bid to make it easier for customers to get free ebooks.

The new program is called The Way to a better book, which will allow users to “get books at a lower price on Amazon, and receive a discount on other products and services” when they buy a book from Amazon.

The Way will now also give customers a 30-day free trial of the program, and the company is working to make the program more flexible.

The Way will start as a pilot program for the first few months, and will expand as more and more customers use the program.

For the next few months Amazon will offer more features, such as discounted shipping and free delivery for qualifying orders.

Amazon says it plans to offer The Way on other platforms as well, and expects to roll out the program nationwide later this year.