How to read the history textbook

Fox Sports has released a new history textbook for its readers that gives a clear explanation of the key events of the past.The new edition of the History of the United States, by James Dyson, has an updated edition of its classic The Founding Fathers, with a new introduction that explains the Constitution.It also includes […]

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When Does College Bookstore Go Free?

It’s a question many of us are grappling with right now.The latest headlines are the latest bookstores in the United States and Canada are going free, and the trend is growing.Many colleges are already doing this, but the trend of free books seems to be spreading fast, according to a recent report from bookstores.Many students […]

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The ‘perfect textbook’: The Macroeconomic textbook opens up a new chapter in the chemistry textbook debate

The textbook, “Macroeconomies,” opens a new book chapter in textbook debate, in which the authors of a new textbook are defending their position on the value of textbook price tags.“Macroeconomic textbooks are one of the most successful educational experiences that we have ever had in Canada,” said Matthew Stinson, president of the Canadian Society of […]

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How to be a teacher of the future

A year ago, the world learned that the best way to be effective is to be an introvert, but how to do that in a way that is not only fun and inspiring but also useful?How do we learn to be introverts?And what do we do to stay motivated?I recently wrote a book on introverts […]

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How to Sell Books Online for Amazon Book Buybacks

Amazons textbook buybacks, which are widely used by educators and students, have been criticized for being too generous and allowing publishers to exploit students for a profit.The website for the publisher of the popular Human Sexuality textbook, the publisher, WND Books, was hacked in April and some of the contents of the book were leaked […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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