Which free textbooks should you buy? | The NYT’s guide to the best free textbooks on the web | POLITICO

By Jennifer BenderySeptember 29, 201812:24 am1.IntroductionThe most basic definition of free is: It’s not paying for something.But there’s a difference between a free service and a free product.You’ll find a lot of them in the bookstores and on the internet, but the best-known ones are usually the ones with free textbook versions.In this article, we’ll […]

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The Human Sexuality Handbook: A Human Sexualities Primer

source FourFiveFour title The human sexuality textbook article source The New York Times article title How a human sexuality book could change the world article title “The Human Sexualness Handbook” is the best sex education book ever written article source New York Magazine article title The book that changed the world?Article source Time article title […]

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How to Get the Best Digital Macmillan Book Review (2016)

A new digital edition of Macmillon’s textbook series, Physical Science, is coming to schools across the country this fall, and we have the best recommendations to help you get the best one-click, print-and-play PDF copy for your classroom.With this guide, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the best Macmillans physical science textbook review apps […]

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The textbook brokers that you need to know

In this article, we’ll go over the textbook brokers we use to make money online and show you how to make your own.Before we start, though, we should note that we’re using the term “booksellers” to describe the booksellers we’ve talked about in the past.These are the brokers who buy books and then sell them […]

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When to use textbooks in modern times

A modern textbook that costs around Rs 1,000 in India is now cheaper than a copy of an ancient one.The price of a copy from the Middle Ages has dropped to Rs 5,000, as the government has mandated textbook makers to use cheaper copies.However, the textbooks in India are being made by Indian companies in […]

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The Nasm textbook broker comparison

Unr’s Nasm is one of the most trusted textbook brokers in the US.The company has the largest inventory of textbooks in the United States, and offers discounts to some of the largest bookstores.But its pricing practices have drawn scrutiny from the textbook industry, and a federal judge last month struck down its practices as deceptive […]

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Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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